Aspirating Systems (Air Sampling Systems)

Air Sampling systems are specifically designed to detect fire at a very early stage and are often used in high risk environments such as data centres, document storage, museums and archive rooms.

These systems operate by sampling the air in a room by drawing the air through sample holes located in a network of pipes and passed through a high sensitivity laser detection device. This is an active detection system capable of detecting very small amounts of smoke and providing early warning of fire.

These systems are commonly used in conjunction with fire suppression systems …link to Gaseous and Fixed Extinguishing Systems

Although originally designed for high sensitivity detection, these devices are now commonly used to provide automatic detection in areas that are difficult to access or where discrete detection is required.

Securus Group are able to offer design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of these systems in line with BS5839-1 and FIA (Fire Industry Association) Code of Practice for Aspirating Smoke Detection systems.

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