As an organisation at the forefront of digital systems implementation and with an expansive migration plan, Housing 21 has partnered with Securus to support their 450+ site portfolio of analogue systems, whilst they transition their estate from analogue to digital.


Housing 21 is a leading, not for profit provider of Retirement Housing and Extra Care for older people of modest means. They operate in nearly 200 local authority areas, managing around 20,000 Retirement and Extra Care Living properties.


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“Securing high quality analogue systems maintenance is a critical part of any digital transition strategy. Housing 21 needed a partner that would work innovatively and collaboratively to maintain resident safety, improve quality of service and reduce costs. Working with Securus has enabled us to meet these objectives even though the size of our analogue estate, and therefore the contract value, reduces as
we install more digital systems.” – Tim David, Property Services Director at Housing 21


  • Increasing costs of analogue emergency call systems maintenance
  • A reduction in suppliers able to maintain large Tunstall & Tynetec systems portfolios
  • Ensuring long term maintenance for a reducing number of legacy analogue systems


  • A long term partnering agreement with Securus underpinned by a commitment to deliver analogue systems maintenance until 2028, ensuring systems coverage well past the anticipated completion date for the UK telecoms analogue to digital migration in 2025
  • Contract management and administration delivered by Securus staff working in the clients headquarters to maximise teamwork, communication and problem resolution
  • Planned maintenance delivered by dedicated engineers to improve service delivery quality and consistency for residents and Court Managers
  • National responsive maintenance delivered through the Securus Housing and Care Division engineering team and its 24x7x365 Service Desk
  • Legacy parts provision ensured through Securus’ extensive stock holding and working collaboratively with Housing 21’s digital systems provider to plan the removal of analogue devices as sites are upgraded to new digital systems. Parts are refurbished, tested, returned to our maintenance stocks and ring fenced for use on the Housing 21 contract


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