Corporate Responsibility

At The Securus Group, we take pride in not only being a market leader but also a leader in Health, Safety and the Environment.

We know our leadership and integrity is founded on the employees within our business, which is why their safety is paramount and why we have developed a strong Health and Safety culture. By ensuring ownership at a site level, and through our dedicated Health and Safety Manager, we have developed a strong safety ethic and continually strive towards safety improvements across all our branches.

We take Health & Safety seriously and are skilled in working on construction sites and interfacing with other trades, to ensure your project is handed over to you in a timely and professional manner. We ensure we meet the stage goals set on all contracts for phased area or staged completions if required.

The Securus Group focuses on working towards the success of the total contract, whilst remaining sensitive to other trades and professional bodies working alongside us.

We are environmentally responsible and operate at all times with honesty and integrity.